Your setting should be as inspiring as your union.

We aren’t exaggerating when we say Kelley Creek Farm is a truly unique place. While we’re mostly known for being a wedding venue, beneath it all is the beating heart of a working farm raising beef and hay for customers all over the country. Roughly 60 of our 80 acres are dedicated to that pursuit, while the other 20 are used to host events and serve as a wildlife refuge.

When you use our beautifully manicured facilities, you have a front row seat to the picturesque Ogden Valley, an agricultural gem set in the Intermountain west all nestled in the shadows of Mount Ogden and Ben Lomond Peak. To catch one of the best shows in the state take our advice and in the late afternoon head over to “the mound” to see the sun as it sinks into the Ogden River canyon. Bring a drink, we’ll bring some chairs and while no tickets are required, they don’t delay the spectacle for stragglers.

We’ve undertaken a number of improvements we hope you’ll enjoy both on the grounds and in the historic barn. Our recent bridal room remodel is stunning and will let you get ready in peace, and if it’s chilly, you can throw a log in the wood stove to stay cozy.

You and your guests will have room to stretch your legs as you walk around and explore our refreshing springs, ponds and hidden groves. You can relax under the shade of one of the biggest cottonwood trees you’ve ever seen, and at night we can get a fire going for you, your family and friends as you trade stories, create new ones and share some s’mores.

Keep in mind though that Kelley Creek Farm is a seasonal venue, available from approximately June 1 through September 30 so call now to make sure you get the date you want.

The perfect wedding or special event venue of your dreams.

If you are looking for a perfect location for your wedding, there is none that compares to the backdrop at Kelley Creek Farm. From breathtaking mountain views, beautiful ponds and spacious groomed lawn areas to our historic racing horse barn, Kelley Creek has it all. Design your wedding just as you’ve always dreamed. Make it as casual or elegant as you like. Kelley Creek provides the setting, you provide the details.