Love in the time of Corona

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By most measures as a business, 2020 was a total bust. We had about 28 events booked, of which 21 cancelled. We did our best to accommodate others later in the season but most that did go through were definitely of a more muted and more lightly attended nature. Probably for the best.

But we’re not really given to glass is half empty-ing around here. We were definitely in a good spot given how much space we have and how much of it is out of doors. Heck, even the barn in desperate need of building botox seems to be built for COVID. All of its cracks and poor insulation proved to be advantageous for ventilation purposes (though it’s still pretty awful at retaining heat :)) and so people were able to spread out, but still enjoy the company and their surroundings. Not to mention – small weddings are kind of fantastic – it just seems to put brides and grooms (and especially mothers/mothers in law) at ease with less commotion and less to stress about.

And honestly, it was nice to suddenly have a bunch of your weekends back that you’d blocked out to be working all Summer – so as a family we took advantage too and used the time to get out – along with seemingly every other person in the Northern Wasatch. And we loved it, every minute of it. Makes you appreciate the wisdom in the statement that “the joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.”

Anyway, this year we’re seeing some pent up demand rolling over from last year – and we’re hoping those plans don’t suddenly get upended. And, even if they do – things seem to have a way of always working out. Even if it takes about a year.

Happy marrying!!

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